Frequent questions

Frequent questions.

Then we answer the most important FAQs, remember that you can contact us for any questions that arise.

Who can rent a boat?
Anyone over 18 years of age can rent it. All our boats are 4 meters in length with a 15 hp motor, the maximum allowed for you to carry it without having to have a degree.

Do I need to have experience?
It is not necessary to have previous experience, we explain the operation of the controls and give you some basics to enjoy the experience.

Can I bring children on board?
Of course! It is an ideal activity to enjoy with children, usually the children have a great time in the sea, we even have life jackets, goggles and fins for the little ones.

What if I have a problem on the high seas?
Do not worry, all our boats have a GPS / locator system, so you only have to call us and indicate your position to mark the GPS to go and find you (essential to bring mobile to the activity).

What if it rains the day of my reservation?
We know that the weather is unpredictable by booking in advance, if the day of your reservation can not be navigated we will try to postpone it to another day or we will refund the amount of the reservation.

Can I run out of gas?
Our boats have gasoline tanks on dimensions of 30 liters, so it would only be necessary in Full Day rentals in case the boat is in continuous movement during the 6 hours. (Cost paid directly to the port gas station).

If I get lost?
The boats have GPS and routes / points marked with what indicates your situation at all times and can guide you back to the port, beach or point of interest.

In the coves, can I barge the boat?
No, in the coves there are yellow buoys where the area of ​​boats with the area of ​​bathers is delimited. You can always moor the boat to the outer buoys prepared to anchor or in case there are not, you can throw the anchor near the buoys on a sandy bottom, if it is of rock there is a danger that the anchor can be nailed to The stones and not being able to raise it.

Can I return the boat to another Base?
Yes, as long as they are full day bookings and the delivery point of the boat is advised at the time of hiring.